Umakant Rapol
Professor, Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

Prof. Umakant Rapol received his Ph. D. from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore-India in 2003. He was a post-Doctoral research fellow at École Normale Supérieure, Paris - France and at Universität Innsbruck, Innsbruck - Austria. After his post-doctoral work, he spent about four years in Industrial Research and Development in General Electric Global Research – Bangalore, working on the development of optical devices and sensors for biotechnology and for power generation. He joined  Indian Institute of Science education and Research Pune in 2009. He is currently a Professor of Physics at IISER. Pune, Physics Department, Pune - India.  Prof. Rapol's research interests are in the area of Atomic Physics and Quantum optics. He has an active research group at IISER, Pune: working on using Ultra-cold atoms and ions for precision Optical Metrology, Quantum Information processing and Quantum optics and in areas of quantum technologies ranging from Quantum computing to Quantum Sensing.

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