Alexey Akimov
Principal Investigator, Russian Quantum Center

Alexey received his BS, MS, and PhD degrees from Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology in 1998, 2000, and 2003, respectively. In 1997 he started working in the Laboratory for Active Media at the Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. His research was focused on the narrow optical resonances in hot and laser-cooled atoms and their applications to metrology. In 2006-2012 he was a visiting scholar in Misha Lukin’s group in the Physics Department of Harvard University, where he worked on a number of research projects related to surface plasmons, quantum dots, and NV color centers in diamond. The main focus of this activity was light-spin interfaces and solid state nanophotonics. In 2010-2012 he was the acting director of the Russian Quantum Center (RQC), supported by the Skolkovo Foundation. He then accepted a Principal Investigator position at the RQC and conducted research in the fields of cold atoms and solid-state spin systems. In October 2015 he joined the Physics Department of Texas A&M University as an Assistant Professor. Hi got his tenue in 2021, but in 2022 returned to Russia where he is now Principal Investigator at Russian quantum center. Currently his research is covering application of color centers in diamonds in quantum information science, as well as utilization of ultra-cold atoms for quantum simulations.

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