Mikhail Glazov
Professor, Leading researcher, Ioffe Institute, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Science

Mikhail Glazov is condensed matter theorist working in the field of two-dimensional materials, semiconductor spintronics and physics of excitons. His main contributions to the field are related to the theory of excitons in two-dimensional transition-metal dichalcogenides, theory of nonlinear transport in graphene, theory of electron and nuclear spin dynamics and fluctuations, and theory of Rydberg excitons in semiconductors. He was elected as corresponding member of Russian Academy of Science (2016); awarded with a Medal of Russian Academy of Sciences and Prize for Young Researchers (2014) and Euler prize by St.-Petersburg Government and St.-Petersburg scientific center of RAS (2015).

Mikhail Glazov works at Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg in Sector of Quantum coherent phenomena in solids. He defened both his PhD thesis (2008) and habilitation (Dr. Sci.) thesis (2012) at Ioffe Institute.

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