Daniele Sanvitto
Director of Research, Head of the Advanced Photonics Laboratories, CNR NANOTEC -– Institute of Nanotechnology

Daniele Sanvitto is Research Director at the Institute of Nanotechnology of the Italian National Research Council (CNR) leading the group of Advanced Photonics. Before moving to the CNR he received his PhD at the University of Cambridge (UK) and took up different prestigious fellowships (Marie Curie, Ramon y Cajal, etc.) in several European institutions, including the Institut Jacques Monod in Paris, the University of Sheffield in UK and Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, in Spain. He is recipient of two ERC research grants on fundamental aspects of quantum fluids of lights and their applications in electro-optical devices.

His research interests concern the strong light matter coupling in semiconductor and nanostructures. In particular his recent activities include the study of quantum fluids of polaritons on inorganic semiconductor as well as different organic and hybrid material systems. Applications can span from ultrafast low-power optical components and electro-optical devices to quantum computation and neuromorphic computing.

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