Open Day
The Open Day is a unique event within the ICQT program which includes public lectures from the representatives of key industry companies and corporations investing in quantum technologies such as Google, D-Wave, Microsoft, Airbus, IBM, etc., as well as a panel discussion with the business leaders, the representatives of the government, and Russian and international media.

The Open Day takes place for the third time and becomes a good platform for announcing great discoveries and launching new projects in the field of quantum physics. For example, in 2017, John Martinis, professor at University of California, Santa Barbara, and the head of the quantum laboratory at Google, announced building a 49-qubit quantum computer by his team. This lecture brought 2000 people. Mikhail Lukin, professor at Harvard University, also informed that his team successfully built and tested a 51-qubit computer.
Hartmut Neven
Hartmut Neven is Engineering Director at Google, a founder and manager of the Quantum Artificial Intelligence lab — center on creating the quantum processors and developing novel quantum algorithms. He leaded the Visual Search team which developed the visual search services used by Google Photos, YouTube and other Google products. His professional engagement includes also Machine Intelligence, Robotics, Software Engineering, Software Systems, etc.
Thierry Botter
Thierry Botter is Head of Airbus Blue Sky, Airbus — one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world which recently has launched a large-scale competition to solve problems in the field of physics using quantum computing "The Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge" such as wingbox design optimization, computation fluid dynamics, etc.
Paul Bunyk
Paul Bunyk is Principal Processor Architect at D-Wave Systems, one of the leaders in the quantum race and the first company which launched the sale of self-engineered quantum computer operating on a quantum annealing principle. He is also one of the core people who have built the technology since the early days at D-Wave.
Charles Marcus
Charles Marcus is Professor and Center Director of QDev and Principal Researcher at Microsoft Quantum Research project at Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. His research interests include neural networks, quantum chaos, mesoscopic physics, fractional quantum Hall systems, quantum information, spin qubits, and topological quantum states in condensed matter.
Grant Waterfall
Grant Waterfall is PwC's global cybersecurity and private leader and a business-minded risk specialist. He primarily serves Fortune 500 clients in these fields and also he was in the UK's Government / Private Sector Cyber Security working group and on the boards of the Information Assurance Advisory Council (IAAC) in the UK.
Mikhail Lukin
Mikhail Lukin is one of the most-cited modern Russian-speaking scientists (h=120), Professor at Harvard University and the key expert in the field of quantum computing, the creator of a 51-qubit quantum computer.
Tommaso Calarco
Tommaso Calarco is one of the authors and leaders of the European program for the development of quantum technologies "Quantum Flagship" with a budget of 3 billion EUR, Professor at Jülich Research Center.
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